Board of Directors 
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Executive Committee 
Chris Minor, President -
Brandon Howard, Vice President - 
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Kyle Sams, Secretary/Treasurer-
Michael Froelich, At-Large Member -
Josh Lillpop, At-Large Member -
Shaun Ziegler, At-Large Member -

The Executive Committee has established committees to address action items and objectives. Each committee is charged with specific tasks and a target completion date. A Chair has been elected by each committee to guide meetings and ensure task completion. If you would like to join a committee please contact the appropriate chair for that committee.

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Air Quality Acts as a liaison between KY Prescribed Fire Council and regulatory agencies in regard to smoke management and air quality issues Zak Danks, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources 
Bylaw Track and update changes to the Bylaw system to accomodate needs of the Council  Scott Harp, Ky Dept of Fish and Wildlife 
Information & Education Provides current and accurate information to the public about controlled burning in Kentucky Shelly Morris, The Nature Conservancy 
Membership Recruitment and retention of members for the Council Vacant  
Notification & Certification Drafts legislation to protect the use of controlled burning in Kentucky and to support controlled burn practitioners John Morgan, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources 
Partnership Development Strengthen partnerships and improve resource sharing amongst entities implementing controlled burns in Kentucky Danna Baxley, The Nature Conservancy 
Training Coordinated training opportunities throughout the state and develops standards for controlled burn practitioners Ben Robinson, Ky Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Showing 7 items