Controlled Burning

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Throughout history, humans have relied on periodic fires as an effective way to manage land. Today agencies and organizations across Kentucky are using controlled burns, also known as prescribed fires, to accomplish specific land management goals. These burns are planned within predetermined boundaries and conducted by trained individuals when suitable weather conditions occur. 

Benefits of Controlled Burning

  • Enhances wildlife habitat

  • Reduces the risk of catastrophic fires
  • Promotes native vegetation
  • Improves forest and grassland health
  • Controls unwanted vegetation

Guidebook for Prescribed Burning in the South

The Southern Regional Extension Forestry group and partners have recently (2023) released this guidebook designed to help prescribed burners of all experience levels set and meet their goals. "The guidebook walks readers through the processes involved in planning, preparing for and conducting a prescribed burn. The guidebook’s four action chapters (Getting Started, Planning, Conducting and Evaluating) start with checklists followed by detailed information on each action item. The guidebook’s four informational chapters provide more details about key prescribed burning concepts including weather, smoke management, fuel and fire behavior." Read more and download your FREE copy here.

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